Building Performance Network has been helping design and install hundreds of solar systems in the Bay Area since 2006.  We enthusiastically educate homeowners in our community on ways to save energy, money and the environment while increasing their home’s value, and connecting them with local energy professionals.  Our goal is to help you GREEN the places you live, work & play.

In 2011 we became certified by the Building Performance Institute (www.bpi.org/) to perform whole home energy audits.  This enables us to audit a home or building to identify conditions  that affect SAFETY, COMFORT and EFFICIENCY.  Following an inspection or audit, we prepare a detailed report of our findings and recommended upgrades or retrofits to increase the safety, comfort, efficiency as well as property value by decreasing the building’s overall carbon footprint.

Each client gets our personal attention and is paired with services suited to their individual needs.  We connect our clients with local auditors, inspectors and contractors to provide any necessary services pertaining to SAFETY, COMFORT and EFFICIENCY.


We are a network of certified green building professionals working together with the construction trade, local planning departments, and our community to regenerate and breathe new life into the places we live, work, and play, while making them more affordable and environmentally friendly.

Our niche is a regional, cooperative network model of the construction business. By integrating many sustainable design professionals, green building contractors, and specialty material suppliers with our clients’ individual needs, as well as educating the community at large about the value of energy upgrades, we strive to carry the construction industry into a truly enduring environmentally conscious era.

Services Provided by BPN

Building Performance Analysis: an inspection using the “whole house as a system” approach -all include a report of findings and suggested retrofit work.

  1. FREE walk through inspection of home, property and equipment.
  2. Complete Home Audit using diagnostic equipment & property inspection.
  3. Applying forUpgradeCArebate after Building Performance Analysis.

Enhanced Property Inspections a new twist that includes “Building Performance Analysis” from above as well as a typical property inspection covering: STRUCTURAL, ROOFING, EXTERIOR, ELECTRICAL, HEATING, COOLING & HEAT PUMPS, INSULATION / VENTILATION, PLUMBING, WATER HEATER, INTERIOR, KITCHEN/APPLIANCES, AIR QUALITY, ASBESTOS, LEAD PAINT, MOLD, SEPTIC, TERMITES, WATER QUALITY, ETC.

*adoption of this will be mandatory of any home bought or sold after 2014*

Solar Design & Installations:  Renewable Energy can play a huge roll in the sustainable home or building and is a wise investment as energy prices soar.  Solar will allow you to fix your energy costs for decades to come and give you independence from the grid/ unclean energy sources.

Green Construction Consulting & Training Services: Our certified educators are available for “in the field” training to give your crews a boost of new technologies and practices which promote sustainable building ideals.  As a service to homeowners, so you know that the contracting firm you choose to complete any “work” on your home is completed safely to Title 24 standards and 2014 Code compliant.  No job is too small to start working in the right direction and every job is a part of the “whole house as a system” approach.

 Energy Management Consulting Services: As a one stop shop, BPN, can help you be in control of your energy usage where you live, work and play.  Our goal is sustainable living for you through environmentally conscious efficiency upgrades & renewable energy.

 Environmental Inspections: Our Network’s various inspection and testing services cover all of your indoor environmental concerns, including Infra-Red thermal imaging, Mold inspection, Antimicrobial treatment, Allergen screening and Radon.  We offer strategy, research, technical, communications, and organizational development services in the areas of sustainability climate change, and energy.

Building Performance Network strives  to bring awareness of what it really means to be GREEN.   Building Performance Network educates homeowners about Energy Efficiencies, the “Whole House Approach” philosophy, governmental programs such as Upgrade CA’s rebate program (https://energyupgradeca.org/overview) Energy Star (http://www.energystar.gov/) and Build it Green (http://www.builditgreen.org/greenpoint-rated/), and the standards established by Building Performance Institute (http://www.bpi.org/).  Building Performance Network helps home/ building owners manage their energy use and efficiency.