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BPN partners with EcoShift Consulting to provide commercial energy efficiency and sustainability consulting services. EcoShift Consulting is a team of energy, climate change, and sustainability experts who work with leading organizations to develop and implement value-creating strategies. Using the lenses of sustainability metrics and business strategy, we identify the challenges – and innovations – that will help our clients become industry leaders and create profitable, sustainable advantage.

Energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings have the potential to lower operational costs, which will increase profitability and savings. Most companies can save 10-30% of facility operating costs through energy efficiency improvements, and the return on investment on projects is usually less than three years. EcoShift’s EnergyShift strategy involves three steps:

Assessment: Since every enterprise is different, we perform a comprehensive and customized assessment of all aspects of your energy usage, including heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, the building envelope, and operational and maintenance procedures.

Planning: After identifying opportunities for energy savings and renewable energy, we create a plan of action consistent with your goals and investment horizons. We calculate a set of decision metrics including project costs, energy savings, payback times, and return on investment.

Financing and Implementation: Because many sources of incentives and financing exist, we will work with you and our partners to identify funding and financing sources. We also reduce your management burden by tapping our broad network of vendors and installers of energy technologies.

Employee Behavior: Behavior change and employee engagement are some of the first places to look for low- or no-cost approaches to achieve cost savings and reductions in environmental impact. We identify strategies to implement management changes and employee incentive programs in order to reduce your energy consumption. You can download our InfoPak on employee behavior management here.


For more information on EnergyShift, download our InfoPak, or visit the EcoShift website for more information about our sustainability consulting services.