Manage your Energy Consumption and Lower your Electric Bill

Going SOLAR is a great way to offset the costs of electricity and is now a sensible and smart investment.  With the price of solar modules dropping to half in recent years and more financing and contract options than ever (i.e., lease, power purchase agreements, etc), it is now feasible for every homeowner to go SOLAR with no more excuses, everyone should be asking themselves: Why don’t we have solar?

However, there is a process to managing your energy usage.  The Building Performance Network suggests ENERGY EFFICIENCY UPGRADES as a way to reduce energy demand and losses prior to going solar -saving you thousands of dollars on your solar installation.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades can truly reduce your consumption and stop the wasted energy that otherwise is just slipping through your walls, attic & crawlspace.  Most homes in our area are expected to be able to make nearly a 30% reduction in monthly bills through simple upgrades like properly insulating and sealing the building envelope, efficient lighting and a maintained HVAC system.  Efficiency upgrades often pay for themselves in a few short years.  Reducing your consumption will not only lower monthly bills, but it also reduces your overall carbon footprint and improve the safety and comfort of your home, so you’re doing your part to GO GREEN!

Solar systems start around $8,000 with an average system costing $18,000 after incentives.  This is a worthy investment, however you’re paying to offset energy that is being wasted.  A wiser way to invest in your home is to reduce your overall consumption, through energy efficiencies, which will also reduce the amount of solar needed.

Let me show you an example:

The average PG&E customer uses 750 kWh of electric which = $134/ mo. $1600/ yr.

Installing a 4.05 kW solar system would offset 62% of your usage by generating 5581 kWh, after incentives should cost $16,500 and your electric bill would be $79/ mo.

However… by first making Energy Efficiency upgrades we can reduce your consumption by 30% down to 525 kWh = $89.25/ month or $1071/ year for electric – a savings of $530 after 1 year.  Now your home is safer, more comfortable, efficient, cheaper to operate & ready for solar.

Installing a smaller solar system of 2.83 kW will still offset 62% and now costs $12,081.  A savings of $4,419 or 36% less spent on solar.  Making your residual electric bill about $22/ month if efficiencies are improved first.

Rebates up to $4000 are available for making these retrofits (  A complete whole home audit, with diagnostic equipment, is conducted before and after the retrofit work to ensure all upgrades are installed properly.

This how to take control of your energy usage by investing wisely in your home.  The Building Performance Network inspects and assesses your home and connects you with local professionals certified to perform energy efficiency upgrades.  Our goal is to help you manage your usage, lower your bills and create a safe, comfortable space for your family.  Give us a call @ 831.588.8857 or email to see how BPN can help you take control of your energy usage and stop paying for wasted energy.