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We feel that solar is state of the art local power generation that will soon be on every sunny rooftop.  It’s a practical way to reduce your overall electrical consumption -for the next 25 years guaranteed!  It’s a wise investment in your home or building with benefits extending to the next generation.  However, it is our goal to reduce your total consumption first through energy efficiency upgrades to eliminate paying/ offsetting wasted energy. (click here to see Energy Efficiency tab for more info)  EE upgrades usually have a quick payback (2-3 yrs.)  Following this approach will reduce the amount of solar you need (1/3 smallersee below) saving you thousands of dollars on your solar installation and reducing monthly electrical bills!

With so many solar options on the market, who can decide?  We can!  A solar system will be on your roof for decades, so we ensure only quality materials make it onto your roof.  It is easy for other installers to use lesser parts and equipment even if you do your homework.  Using BPN ensures you get the right size system and design for a fair price.  You can be sure our select installers have the necessary training and experience to provide high quality workmanship that is guaranteed for 10 years!

Building Performance Network’s founder, Scott Kunkel, has been working in the solar field since 2006 and grew up in a solar home.  With over 100 residential solar systems and more than a dozen larger commercial solar arrays designed and installed throughout the Bay Area and Santa Cruz County  -you can be sure that we have the experience it takes to design, organize and install your PV solar system  -no matter the size or place!  Scott has an eye for aesthetic design which ensures that solar will add to your home or building’s appearance while increasing its overall market value.  Give us a call, we enjoy talking and educating about solar -it is our passion!

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Building Performance Network will help you to receive the maximum rebates and tax incentives for your project.  The state of CA and your service provider will send you a rebate check once your system is commissioned, in an amount based on the energy production of the solar array installed.  Also, through 2016 you can receive a tax credit for 30% of the total system cost,   However, you should check with your tax professional to ensure your eligibility.

Our Partners:

Allterra Solar was selected by more Santa Cruz County homeowners than any other solar contractor in 2012 because our experienced and friendly staff provides the highest quality service, delivers the best products, and guarantees the most savings. Located on Santa Cruz’s West Side, we are a certified Green Business, proud members of Think Local First, and committed to supporting our local economy.  We offer $0 down financing and help homeowners and businesses determine the best financial option for their solar project.

Free Hot Water -Solar Thermal  offers a variety of high-quality, easy-to-install solar hot water systems to local contractors, plumbers, and solar installers throughout the United States and around the world.  Our experienced solar thermal engineers can design a custom solar water heating system or high intensity industrial heat system for your specific commercial needs, from apartment complexes to laundry facilities, wineries, food processing—or any other government or commercial solar water heating application.

Apex Solar has over ten years of installation experience, Apex Solar specializes in custom-designed off gridand grid tie with battery backup systems and packages.  We sell fully integrated commercial and residential energy systems powered by solar, wind, hydro, backup generators, and batteries specifically chosen to work together to provide the most efficient solution for your particular situation.


How to pay $thousands$ less for solar!
Manage Your Energy Consumption & Lower Your Electric Bill 

 Going SOLAR is a great way to offset the costs of electricity and is now a sensible and smart investment.  With the price of solar modules dropping to half in recent years and more financing and contract options than ever (i.e., PACE, lease, power purchase agreements, etc), it is now feasible for every homeowner to go SOLARwith no more excuses. Everyone should be asking themselves: Why don’t we have solar?

However, there is a process to managing your energy usage.  The Building Performance Network suggests ENERGY EFFICIENCY UPGRADES as a way to reduce energy demand and losses prior to going solar -saving you thousands of dollars on your solar installation.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades can truly reduce your consumption and stop the wasted energy that otherwise is just slipping through your walls, attic & crawlspace.  Most homes in our area are expected to be able to make nearly a 30% reduction in monthly bills through simple upgrades like properly insulating and sealing the building envelope, efficient lighting and a maintained HVAC system.  Efficiency upgrades often pay for themselves in a few short years.  Reducing your consumption will not only lower monthly bills, but it also reduces your overall carbon footprint and improve the safety and comfort of your home, so you’re doing your part to GO GREEN!

Solar systems start around $8,000 with an average system costing $18,000 after incentives.  This is a worthy investment, however you’re paying to offset energy that is being wasted.  A wiser way to invest in your home is to reduce your overall consumption, through energy efficiencies, which will also reduce the amount of solar needed.

Here is an example of the typical CA home:

The average PG&E customer uses 750 kWh of electric which is approximately $134/ mo. or $1600/ yr.

Installing a 4.05 kW solar system would offset 62% of your usage by generating 5581 kWh, which after incentives should cost $16,500 and your electric bill would be $79/ mo.

However… by first making Energy Efficiency upgrades you can reduce your consumption by 30% down to 525 kWh = $89.25/ month or $1071/ year for electric – a savings of $530 after 1 year.  Now your home is safer, more comfortable, efficient, cheaper to operate, would sell quicker & be ready for solar.

Installing a smaller solar system of 2.83 kW will still offset 62% and now costs $12,081.  A savings of $4,419 or 36% less spent on solar.  Making your residual electric bill about $22/ month if efficiencies are made first.


Local Exposure

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